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Box of Condoms

Hi guys,

I’m making this a pinned post for any new visitors to the site. I write erotic novels, novellas, and short stories. I, like many other writers in the genre, wonder whether or not I should slow down the story by mentioning the use of condoms with each sexual encounter. I’ve searched online and I’ve read the forums. It seems like there’s a mixed response. Some people like reading that characters like Mandy are being safe and some hate reading about rubbers, and the pill, and how so and so is positively clean so it’s okay, or how a character isn’t able to get pregnant so no need for a condom. It can slow down the story and interrupt the fantasy.

I understand both sides.

I get that it might seem nasty to think of a girl (or a guy) having unprotected sex with multiple partners. But I also think it does cool down a heated moment when that whole “do you have protection” conversation comes into play.

So for that reason I’m adding the following paragraph at the beginning of every story and here on the website so it’s mentioned up front and is completely out of the way when the story gets started.

*Mandy is a fictional character who fully understands the need to use protection during sex. She ALWAYS uses contraceptives. If it is not mentioned in the story it is only to prevent the slowing down of the story or the interruption to the fantasy element.

Have fun and be safe!*



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