Margaritas by Moonlight (Maybe Mandy 2) is now on Amazon!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I just published the second book in the Maybe Mandy series, Margaritas by Moonlight. Here’s the picture and the info. I’d love it if you’d pick up an ebook copy, read it, and leave a review on Amazon. Reviews mean so much in this business. Thank you!

Click to purchase a copy at Amazon.

Click to purchase a copy at Amazon.

Mandy’s on vacation, from the job and from memories of Braden, but on foreign land a little WORK may be required. Sex on foreign soil isn’t just a game…it’s a conquest.

This is an adult erotic novella with graphic sexual content. Buyer beware.

Steamy Sampler:

It suddenly felt very hot in the club. The air was humid. My hair clung to my shoulders but it turned me on even more. Feeling his sweaty arm against mine made me imagine our bare bodies pumping away in the heat. I imagined his chest glistening as he spread my legs.

I leaned back against him and touched my forehead to his neck. My lips were just below his chin. I wanted him to lean forward and kiss me. He didn’t.

That bothered me.

I fucking want you dammit. Kiss me.

I tried to look up into his face but it was too dark. I looked around us and everyone else was too shrouded in the shadows to see clearly. I found the faceless silhouettes surrounding us to be erotic. I was getting turned on by the tension in the air and the urge to f**k Valentino was becoming too much to handle.

No one could see us. No one knew the hunger growing inside me.

No one saw his right hand move around and go up under my shirt. I felt his fingers trace over my belly button and traipse up my stomach to my bra.

“I want you,” he whispered in my ear.

I want you too, right here on the dance floor. Take me back to my room.

I thought it but I didn’t say it. I couldn’t for some reason. I just froze. And has his hand made its way up to my right breast and over it, I could barely move at all. He moved his fingers over my skin, right between my breasts, and then cupped his big hand over my breast and squeezed gently.

I moaned but the loud music masked it.

His left hand moved on, making its way up my dress. I looked around to see if anyone else was watching, but it was dark, it was late, everyone in the place was smashed, and Jill had her tongue down Marco’s throat.

I put my own hand over Valentino’s and he seemed to take it as a sign that I wanted him to stop. He started to pull his hand away. I grabbed it and shoved it hard against my pussy, showing him exactly where I NEEDED his hand to be.

Well…that’s it for the sampler. Click HERE to go to the Amazon page. Oh and at the end of the book you’ll even find a short sampler for another of my upcoming erotic novellas. Hope you like it! And again if you haven’t picked up Mandy’s first story, Kinky Carnival Games, click HERE and get a copy for less than a cup of coffee.

In fact, let’s do something…hold on…okay I just set up a new Amazon promotion.

In celebration of the book 2 release, if you click that second link on the 22nd or 23rd of February, you’ll get book 1, Kinky Carnival Games, for FREE!!!

All I ask in return is for you to write a review when you finish reading. That’s all.

I just want you to get to know Mandy and to follow along for the rest of her adventures. 

Thanks guys,


C.C. Genovese

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