U.K. Sex Workers Report High Job Satisfaction

U.K. Sex Workers Report High Job Satisfaction

Wow 68% of sex workers feel secure in their job. That’s
better job security than most regular jobs that’s for sure.

I’ve been saying for years…I wouldn’t be happy to find out
that one of my kids was involved in prostitution or porn but at the same time I’ve
never understood how our country can make it illegal for someone to sell his or
her own body.

It’s the oldest profession in the world.

If someone wants to earn money by fucking someone else, why
should anyone stop him/her?

And if someone wants to pay for that sort of thing, why
should they get arrested for it?

Dating is almost no different.

You pay a lot of money to wine and dine the guy/gal you’re
trying to win over, then if you’re lucky you’ll get a good clit licking or a
blowjob out of it in the end.

If you’re really lucky you’ll find yourself involved in some
pussy pounding sex.

But that’s not free either folks.

A hooker is a sure bet.

A date is really iffy. And sometimes the date ends up
fucking someone else at the end of the night.

So I say let sex workers do what they do best. Let them
entertain frequent travelers, businessmen, wealthy singles, attention deprived
spouses, and anyone else looking for a quick fill.

They’re happy in their jobs?

At least someone is!

C.C. Genovese


2 comments to U.K. Sex Workers Report High Job Satisfaction

  • C.C.  says:

    Thanks so much for reading, and commenting, Zara. I’m planning to do more of these news roundups in the future.


  • Zara.L  says:

    Of course they would feel secure in their job, everyone wants sex. Just like everyone needs to eat. Everyone needs that psychical connection with another human. SO what if they get paid for it.

    I totally agree with leaving them alone, especially if they are both consenting adults.

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