Welcome to America (Mandy Diary Entry 3)


A hot guy I’ve never met made me so fucking wet today.


I was drenched.

First, before I get to my story, let me just say that I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write. I had this AMAZING trip to Cancun.


Wow. Valentino fucked me like I haven’t been fucked since Braden. But that’s not what I’m going to talk about today. If you want to read all about that trip to Mexico, click HERE to check out my second tale, Margaritas by Moonlight.

So back to this guy who had me soaking wet. Here’s how it went down. I went to the pool in my apartment complex. I was alone. Susie and Vince were fucking in Susie’s room. The usual. She’s been warming up to Vince’s “going in the backdoor” fantasies.

If you remember from my Kinky Carnival Games story, she wasn’t too fond of it. But she’s become more open now…pun intended.

While Vince was busy pounding my best friend from behind, Jill, one of my other best friends was working on her newest home porn video. She ditched the guy I called The Rock due to low ratings. Apparently he wasn’t effectively laying the smack down on her candy ass.

Now she spends most of her on-screen time riding the cock of a big pale Irish dude I like to call Sheamus.

Okay…okay…shut up. Yes, I like wrestling. Kind of. Seeing hot guys in tights throw each other around is kind of a turn on.

So with my two girl friends busy getting their fill, I was relying on Ben, my gay bestie. Turns out he too had a sexual encounter that was more important that lounging by the pool with me.

I have no wrestler name for his date.

I guess we could go with The Undertaker since he killed my plans.

This is how I felt

This is how I felt

Now that I think about it, I had no idea so many people have sex during the day, geez. Saturday afternoon and every one of my reliable friends was completely unreliable. I guess I’m being selfish. I would’ve been having sex too if that option was available to me.

Anyway…enough about them. They ditched me.

So I decided to hit the pool all by myself.

I was lying poolside in my bikini, one fist around a bottle of Corona (it was one of those beer drinking days), tanning, alone. It was nice.

This was my bestie for the day

This was my bestie for the day

Well I shouldn’t say I was completely alone.

At the other end of the pool, were Thelma and Louise. They’re an older, lesbian couple who live a few doors down from me. I don’t know their real names but they share an old blue convertible so the label just kind of stuck.

I was admiring their ridiculously gigantic wicker hats when I heard a foreign language coming through the pool entrance.

Swedish maybe…

Not German…

Not Russian…

I don’t know. It was one of those “fuck me now” kinda languages.

Then I realized it was a collection of voices.

What barreled through the gate was a gaggle of some of the most delicious looking guys I’ve ever seen. There were four of them.

All tall.

All with broad, muscular chests.

All with beautiful bulges where their cocks met the fabric of their shorts.

But all with kind of funky style to be honest with you. They were a hodgepodge of colors that didn’t match, Hawaiian-like flowered shirts…one even wore a fanny pack…that kind of odd style. One had way too much chest hair for my liking. I imagined they’d all tear off their shorts and dive into the pool wearing tight Speedos.

I imagined them stripping down to this (Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I imagined them stripping down to this (Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

These are things a girl notices when she’s had five Coronas and is all alone at the pool.

As the guys towed their big red cooler over to one of the tables in the shade, I saw one of them lift his sunglasses up and stare in my direction. He said, way above a whisper, “Now that’s the warm American welcome I’ve been waiting for.”

He meant me. Yes, me. Mandy. This ridiculously yummy guy was checking me out.

Now, I’m not a whore. I admit I’ve done some pretty whorish things lately and ever since I caught my ex cheating on me I’ve been insanely addicted to sex. But my eyes dropped to his  thick, plentiful bulge and I was already considering fucking this guy.

I know dammit. I know. Stupid thinking but come on girls. Sometimes you just want to forget your problems, grip a fine guy’s ass, and hold on while he thrusts his cock into you.

Am I wrong?

I didn’t think so.

So this guy, we’ll call him Ramon, turned his attention from me and went back to his buddies. My position poolside was perfect for spying on the Ya-Ya Brotherhood through tinted shades. And man was it a great sight to see. They were too good looking, like seriously too handsome.

Handsome to the point that I imagined them filming porn all day in their apartment and sharing beers after a glorious day’s work. Four guys this good looking don’t usually hang out together. There’s always at least one unattractive friend. Right?

“Jakomo!” shouted a new voice making its way through the gate and towards the pool.

And there he was. The unattractive one. This one looked like a sleazy used car salesman. If they were in fact filming porn upstairs, this guy was the director.

I stared past Thelma slathering pink lotion onto the shoulders of Louise and watched as the guy I’d called Ramon, now known as Jakomo, stood and shook the hand of the foreign Chris Farley. They embraced in a manly bear hug. 

The dudes sat together, guzzled beers, and some smoked cigars until my two old lady friends left the pool area with exaggerated coughs and swatting at the nonexistent smoke they pretended was encircling their heads. 

I’m not a smoker and not a fan of smoke but I was too far away to be bothered by it and Jakomo wasn’t lighting up so everything was cool. At some point I dozed off. 

“Hey American girl!” was the cat call I woke up to. Followed by the noise that’s like nails on a chalkboard to me…the infamous “Psst!” sound. I fucking hate that sound. 

I can handle construction workers yelling out “hey beautiful” and “damn baby” and even stupid shit like “daddy likes what he sees.”

But “psst” drives me mad. 

“Psst, American girl.” 

I sat up on my elbows and lifted my sunglasses up to the top of my head. I stared over at their table and all five of the guys were looking at me. It was the salesman calling out to me. 

“Psst, you, American girl!” he yelled one more time. “Come here. Would you like a drink?” 

I had one Corona left and it sat in my open cooler in a puddle of melted ice. I reached down to touch it and found that it was still cool enough to drink. But they didn’t know that and this was my chance to chat with Ramon. I’m sorry but I refused to call him Jakomo. Ramon was a much sexier name. 

“Sure,” I said as I got up, adjusted my bikini, and made my way over to them. They giggled like gaggle of elementary boys as I walked around the pool and towards them. As I grew closer I felt uneasy about their laughter, like I wasn’t in on whatever joke they were sharing. 

“American girl, do you like Heineken?” one of the other guys asked. He was the one with the hairy chest. 

“I have a name,” I said. “It’s Mandy.” 

They laughed again. 

“I am sorry about my friends’ rudeness,” Ramon said as he popped the top off a green bottle and handed it to me. “My name is Jakomo.” 

Ramon please. 

“Nice to meet you,” I replied. “And thanks for the beer.” 

“You have beautiful body,” one of the other guys said, a blonde guy with wavy hair. 

“Thank you,” I said.

He was sexy too. In my head I imagined all four of these guys trying to do the porn fantasy shot with me right there at the table. I could imagine Ramon bending me over the table while the other three guys stood in front of me, big gorgeous cocks hanging out, yanking on them vigorously as they prepared to get hard enough to have their way with me. All while their other buddy filmed it. 

Would I ever actually let this happen? I don’t think so. But hmm what a thought. Who knows, maybe I’d really be down for it. 

“We are new here, just moved in last week,” Ramon said. “Well me and Sergio.”

He pointed at his blonde buddy with his open beer bottle. Sergio winked at me.

“New neighbors,” I said. “Nice.” 

My imagination didn’t let me down. Suddenly, instead of all four guys trying to gang bang me, I saw myself on Ramon’s couch, the black leather casting couch I’m sure we’ve all seen on the Internet. I’m sitting on his cock, reverse cowgirl style, taking the length of him inside of me as I grip Sergio’s cock for support. It’s huge, smooth, and I’m about to take it in my mouth.

You know which couch I meant! Something like this.

You know which couch I meant! Something like this.

Laughter brought me back to reality. Ramon and Sergio were both sitting at the table, just staring at me. Their other friends were too. I could feel my pussy getting wet and wondered if they could sense it. My bikini bottom was almost at their eye level. 

“Do you have boyfriend?” Sergio asked.

They were flirting with me. But something felt strange about it. 

“Maybe we should talk about this another time,” I said. “Thank you for the beer.” 

“But now is good time,” he said. “You like have sex?”

Seconds before I’d been thinking about fucking Sergio and his friend but that was all in my mind. Something about hearing him ask just freaked me out. These guys were douche bags. I looked around behind me and wished Thelma and Louise were still in the pool. I didn’t really like being alone with these guys. 

I’m not sure what my expression looked like when I turned back to them but apparently it was funny because they all started laughing again. 

“Fuck off,” I said as I turned and walked away.

“No. Is bad idea.” I heard one of them say. Then a bunch of jabber in their foreign tongue followed by, “Okay I will do it.” 

As I grew closer to the pool, I suddenly felt two strong hands grip my shoulders. 

“You are very rude,” a voice said into my ear.

Then I was flying through the air. I landed face first in the pool.

The motherfucker pushed me into the pool.

As if we were children and it was a cool thing to do. This grown fucking man pushed me into the fucking pool. I could practically feel my skin sizzle as I launched myself to the water’s surface. 

I was livid. I looked over at their table and they were all seated, all laughing at me. 

I swam to the stairs, got out of the pool, collected my things and walked to the pool exit. I was practically shaking I was so mad. And I was afraid. I wanted to get out of there quickly. I wasn’t really sure what I should do. Maybe call the cops? Would they do anything? 

As I was leaving the pool area, I heard one of them call out to me, “It was joke. Come back sexy.”

I tried to ignore it and keep walking.

“American girl. You need get fucked is your problem.”

They all laughed again.

That was it. No fucking way was this asshole going to talk to me like that. I dropped all my stuff. I turned and walked towards them. 

“Yes, baby, you want to fuck?” Sergio asked.

His buddies giggled.

I sashayed over to their table and stood with my tits propped up, trying to look as sexy as I could. 

“You like me?” I asked.

They all nodded and laughed and said things in their language that sounded macho. I glanced at their table and saw packs of cigarettes, beer, cigars, cell phones, wallets, and all kinds of other personal belongings. 

Sergio reached out and thumbed the waist band of my bikini. 

“You wanna get fucked?” I asked.

He stared up at me and smiled. He looked over at his friends then back at me.

“Yes, I want get fucked.”

“Good,” I said.

I snatched his wallet and cell phone off the table and threw them into the pool. Sergio just froze. He didn’t know what to say.

“Now you’re fucked,” I said as I turned and went to retrieve my things. 

“You are fucking crazy!” I heard him yell from behind me. 

“Welcome to America!” I replied as I flipped him off. 

And that is how a hot guy I’d never met got me completely soaking wet. 

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Thanks so much for reading,

Mandy (a fictional character created by C.C. Genovese)

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    Hilarious, as usual!!!! :p

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    Hahaha so you’re familiar with the couch!

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    this was hilarious. Especially the #couch

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