Welcome to Erotic Mayberry

This is me, C.C. Genovese, nice to meet you

This is me, C.C. Genovese, nice to meet you

Hey guys,

My name’s Chris Genovese. I’m a male erotica author who often writes from the female perspective. I write the erotic versions of just about any genre. I like to say that I take all the genres you love, and I set them on fire. 


Be advised, my books (which can all be found in the “All Books” tab up top or by clicking HERE), my articles here on the website, and all the pictures you see reblogged from Tumblr are all meant for an adult audience. If you’re easily offended then this may not be the place for you. 

For a quick peek at all my books on Amazon, click here: http://www.amazon.com/C.C.-Genovese/e/B00TW2B4I4

If you want to interact with me and get to know me a little better, then like my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/c.c.genoveseauthor or be my friend at: https://www.facebook.com/C.C.Genovese. I love making new friends and hearing your thoughts on my books. 

Oh and if you happen to like some horror mixed in with your erotica, please check out my other pen name, Carver Pike, which is my darker alter ego. You can find those books on the “All Books” tab too or click on the tab for Carver Pike Books above. 

Oh and leave some freakin’ comments guys! No one comments on my website. Makes me sad.

27 comments to Welcome to Erotic Mayberry

  • Marie  says:

    I might have sent an excerpt of Welcome to E. Mayberry to Cara for dirty words. I seen where BT read from your book.😉

  • Chris Genovese  says:

    Thank you, Stacy! You know how much I adore you so thank you so much for checking out the site.

  • Stacy Stewart  says:

    I cannot believe how long it took me to check out your website. I really enjoyed getting acquainted in the neighborhood. Now I need to get Riley over here. And you know I love your books.

  • C.C.  says:

    Thank you, Marie!

  • Marie  says:

    Look forward to reading you work.

  • C.C.  says:

    One of my Australian connections. I love all you guys! Thank you so much, Rhonda! Love you too, babe.

  • Rhonda  says:

    You already know me sort of & I love your poems & can’t wait to read more of them
    Love you & cheers from Australia
    Rhonda xx

  • C.C.  says:

    Ha! Yes, we can still be friends! Wooohooo. The comments are working, which I guess means I’m gonna start getting massive spam too.

  • Lindsay  says:

    I have a confession to make… I am a Husker Fan through and through… Can we still be friends? 😁

  • C.C.  says:

    Thank you so much, Yavette! Sorry it took me so long to see this comment.

  • Yavette Hernandez  says:

    New to your books but like what I’m reading so far…dayum😉

  • C.C.  says:

    Hi Taryn! Thank you so much. You just totally made my morning! Seriously, thank you!

  • Taryn  says:

    Hey C.C.!! Im a newbie to your books. I think your on my top list of Authors. Love the way you think lol. And your POV is just…..hot dayum!!

  • C.C.  says:

    Hi Joann! Thank you so much. I hope you like them. I promise to keep writing as long as people promise to keep reading.

  • Joann Ouimette Gauthier  says:

    Enjoying your books!!! I’m a newby. Excited to continue reading your great books!!

  • C.C.  says:

    Hi Lynn! That’s so awesome. I promise to start using this website more. I need to put it to use. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.


  • Lynn Booth  says:

    I totally forgot about the website! Sorry, i usually just follow the fb group. Due to time differences & my work schedule i usually miss take overs but you can bet your ass i’ll be checking in here more regularly (i have added easy access- thats seriously what they call it- on my internet browser on my phone now.

  • C.C.  says:

    Hi Kim! I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this. I’m planning to start updating the website and getting better about running it. Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

  • Kim tetreau  says:

    Wow you are an awesome erotic writer I love reading books that turn me on and your books do that thank you

  • C.C.  says:

    Hi Shona! It’s so good to see you here on the website. Thank you! I can’t wait to write more.


  • C.C.  says:

    Hi Sheesh4,

    Thank you so much. The woman’s mind is a tricky thing, lol. Thank you so much for your kind words and don’t worry, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Braden .


  • Shona  says:

    omg I love your style!!!!!!!!i laughed out loud! I got hot, my heart def got a work out I can’t wait to read more!!!!!!

  • Sheesh4  says:

    I’m a girl and I love how perfectly you capture the female POV. Mandy is hilarious, confident, and shameless. She’s not a virgin, she is fine with dirty language, and she’s not afraid to pursue what she wants. I love her!! And damn, Braden is too hot. It’s too bad they weren’t more than a one time thing
    🙁 Keep on writing your amazing books! You’ve definitely got me hooked! I usually prefer reading romance/erotica written by women. But you are an exception to this preference!!! Love your books!! <3

  • C.C.  says:

    Ahahaha thank you Chrissy and welcome to the neighborhood!

  • C.C.  says:

    Lisa, thank you so much. You don’t know how much this means to me. Thanks again!

  • Lisa  says:

    Hi C.C. You are a new author to me. I just read kinky carnival rides,and I have to say WOW!!!! VERY EXCITING! !! And I don’t know how you can portray a woman like you did, but your absolutely magnificent! !!!! I have only read erotica written by women. Well, you’ve got me hooked!!! AS soon as payday I’m buying more of your books. Thank you!!!

  • Chrissy McMillan  says:

    HOT C.C.! Love what you’ve done to the neighborhood.

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