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Really…just the tip – Our first Mayberry Erotic Secrets

Pop Art illustration of girl with the speech bubble.Pop Art girl. Party invitation. Birthday greeting card.Vintage advertising poster. Fashion woman with speech bubble.

Erotic Mayberry is a charming neighborhood full of erotic secrets. It’s a gated community where each home has its own secret parties going on and interesting scenarios take place all over the community. Peek in one window and you might see Mr. Adams getting a blowjob from his wife while their neighbor, Nancy, sits on his face. Her husband is two doors down plowing into Mrs. Honeywell from behind. But it’s all kept very hush hush…until now. I’ve reached out to the Erotic Mayberry neighbors in the fanclub to ask for your erotic secrets. Names will never be revealed but make no mistake…these secrets are real. 

young woman saying shh & gesturing using her forefinger - concept vector. This graphic contains a young girl raising her hand indicating to stop talking, making noise & to be silent

For our first erotic secret, the mail has arrived, and one of our neighbors isn’t so happy about it. Our secret neighbor went online to buy herself a “dong” as she puts it...

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Mayberry Friends’ Poetry – Please Welcome Xtina Marie

Mayberry Friends Poetry

Xtina Marie has been dazzling me with some seriously kickass poetry lately. She writes everything from heartbreaking romance poems to sick and twisted vengeful ones. So I asked if she’d like to be the first poet we welcome here in Mayberry. This is something I’d like to do more often so please reach out to me if you have a poem you’d like me to share. Check out this sample she sent to us and follow her on Facebook at the link provided:


you- i own

i promise to be naughty, will you take me over your knee?
i’d like nothing more, than for you to spank me

i like it mean, call me a bitch
i’ll be here, to scratch your itch

tie me up, gag my lips
push me down, and grab my hips

from behind, take me fast
hard and heavy, make it last

slap my ass, make me yelp
there’s no safe word, that wil...

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Sexual News Roundup – Prehistoric Love and Everything Else

Sexy News with Chris C. Genovese?

Yeah I’m no Walter Cronkite, but this is something that I’ve thought of doing for a while now. So, in addition to writing some erotic books, rhyming some pornographic thoughts and calling it poetry, and spilling my insane imagination all over Facebook, I’m planning to scour the web from time to time (I can’t commit to any due dates because I’m scared of commitment, other than my 14 year marriage) and post the results here so we can all talk shit about it and gossip and whatever else these articles spark. So here we go. Here’s the first sexual news roundup.

Getting Dinosaur Dong


Yes, goofy name I know, but dinosaur erotica is real. I had no idea. I found an article about it at the following link.

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