Really…just the tip – Our first Mayberry Erotic Secrets

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Erotic Mayberry is a charming neighborhood full of erotic secrets. It’s a gated community where each home has its own secret parties going on and interesting scenarios take place all over the community. Peek in one window and you might see Mr. Adams getting a blowjob from his wife while their neighbor, Nancy, sits on his face. Her husband is two doors down plowing into Mrs. Honeywell from behind. But it’s all kept very hush hush…until now. I’ve reached out to the Erotic Mayberry neighbors in the fanclub to ask for your erotic secrets. Names will never be revealed but make no mistake…these secrets are real. 

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For our first erotic secret, the mail has arrived, and one of our neighbors isn’t so happy about it. Our secret neighbor went online to buy herself a “dong” as she puts it. Like most women, she wanted it big, thick, a toy she could shove into her tight pussy whenever the Mr. was busy. She was excited. She clicked “complete purchase” and waited. Her pussy tingled with excitement as she thought about the head of this giant dong filling her up. 

She was eager as she thought about the specifications. This thing was massive, 10.5 inches, complete with suction cup balls. She could suction it to the tub and back right into it. Game on. And then it arrived. 



The mailman winked at her, knowing full well the kinds of purchases these neighbors usually made online. She ran into the house, broke open the package, and stared at it in all its glory. She washed it, took it into the bedroom, and lubricated. She was ready. She closed her eyes, pursed her lips, and put the tip to her drenched lips. She pushed in just a little and it hurt. She pushed in a little farther. Just the tip. Just a little more. And that was it. It was too fucking big. She’d dreamed of this gigantic cock filling her and all she could handle was the tip. She’d always been petite but holy hell how could this be all she could handle. She was so disappointed. She wanted to take it all and had to be satisfied with just the tip. She made that tip do the trick but as soon as she was finished she jumped online to buy herself another…more realistic size, lol.

And when it arrives, the whole neighborhood is gonna hear her moan. 

Thanks for reading our first erotic secret. Send yours in to or PM me (or Nat) on FB if you want to play along. 

Chris (C.C. Genovese)

2 comments to Really…just the tip – Our first Mayberry Erotic Secrets

  • Donna McManus  says:

    Classic case of your eyes being bigger than your pussy😄
    Thanks for sharing just the tip!!

  • Xtina Marie  says:

    lol, love it!!!!

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