Mind of Men

I was thinking of some really random shit when this poem came to mind. You know me. This is what happens when I’m horny and bored and watching a kids movie. So here’s the warning. THIS POEM CONTAINS VERY GRAPHIC SEXUAL LANGUAGE. Please don’t read if you’re easily offended.

Mind of men (or at least my mind)

I’m lying in bed and she’s straddling my lap
But not sexually, just blocking the TV.
She’s got her sweatpants on and her hair tied back
And says she really needs to talk to me.

So I try to be a good husband and I listen for a second
Thinking she must have something important to say
But the truth is my eyes are glued to her tits
I love how they rise and fall that way.

I want her naked this way but it isn’t the time.
She’d rather talk about getting her nails done.
Manicures and pedicures and facials and wax.
I zone out and think of things more fun.

Funner I guess…like football season
And the bbq, the wings, and the beer.
Hanging out with the guys and betting and stuff
And drunkenly coming back here.

Cause drunken sex is the best sex to have.
When I have that ever-hard kinda whiskey dick.
And she giggles beneath me as I slur my speech.
But then gasps when I slur it on her clit.

“It was the cutest dress I’ve ever seen but seriously?
Ninety-five bucks? I’m not that much of a fool.”
I think we’ve moved on to her day at the mall.
Speaking of shopping, I need new power tools.

And speaking of tools, my boss is a tool.
I need to just quit and spend my day fishing.
“But the heels were buy one get one free…
And you know how my red ones went missing.”

At least she’s not bitching, and man, her lips are soft
I wonder if I could get her to give me head.
I should just slide a hand down between her legs
And see how long it takes to get her wet.

“And my mom said…” Her mother, we’ve moved on to her mother.
Now I’m not saying I’m completely bored.
But you know what would look awesome above the fireplace mantle?
A motherfuckin samurai sword.

A samurai sword, fuck yeah, I want one.
You know what else I want? I want a freaking monkey.
Monkeys are so cute and hilarious as hell.
Yes, I want a motherfucking monkey.

“It was so funky, who dyes their hair green?
And I don’t mean green like the grass.
She works in a bank and it’s fucking neon.”
That’s it, I reach around and grab her ass.

And I pass my hand between her legs
And I force a beautiful camel toe.
And run a finger between the indent in her pants
Till her heart races but breathing slows.

Slows cause its coming in sighs and gasps
And her shirt is yanked over her head.
No bra, just tits, pink areolas, hard nipples.
Fucking shit, I need my dick in her bad.

Bad and head don’t even rhyme but fuck it.
Who gives a shit right now.
I flip her over, tits fall to the sides, Take her pants off and put her pussy in my mouth.

In my mouth she’s so sweet, dripping wet
And arching her back under my bite.
My thumbs can’t spread her pussy open any further
Love tonguing her clit as I slide two fingers inside.

She rides my fist and begs for my tongue
And now she totally has my attention.
Her body overrides all other thoughts.
Like her pussy’s a man-eating invention.

Did I mention my dick is hard and throbbing?
And I’ve already ditched my pants.
And as I slide to the side for better clit access
She reaches down and takes me in her hand.

And damn she’s good, stroking my cock
From the head all the way down to my balls.
All chit chat has stopped, it’s just sexual frenzy
And no more time left to stall.

With all my willpower, I leave her hand
And pull her legs open wide
And feed the head of my cock past her dryness
Until it reaches the wetness inside.

And then slide deep into her, fuck, it feels great.
She pulls my chest into her tits
Clutching me tight as I keep driving inside
As I pound, her breath comes in short wisps.

Tries to whisper but she can’t even talk
It’s just noises as she wraps her legs.
And she bucks her hips trying to fuck me back
“Oh fuck. Fuck my pussy,” she finally begs.

And my legs can’t quite seem to give me the force
That I really want to fuck her with.
So I turn her over doggy style,
Grab her hips, and slam in my dick.

And this is the best fucking view in the world.
The one the headboard mirror gives.
Her hair hangs in her face, mouth open in pleasure
And I love how each drive in shakes her tits.

Like this I always find her spot and sure enough
Her legs start their spasms.
She’s about to come and she bites her lip
And cries out and clutches the sheet on the mattress.

Like matches her cum ignites a spark
And soon I can’t hold it in.
Like her pussy is pulling it out of my cock,
Toes curl, ass clenches, and I’m spent.

I’m tense when I come and soak her insides
With every thing that I’ve got.
She loves it every time I come inside
And keeps backing into me till I drain every drop.

Then she flops onto the bed and laughs for a bit
And soon she’s talking again about something.
About a recipe she’ll try and some seasonings to buy
Isn’t there a fight on tonight or something?

Monkeys and farts and movies and sports
Those are the thoughts on my mind.
Gadgets and cars and food and bars
Until she flashes her tits one more time.

© C.C. Genovese


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