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New Neighbor Entry Interview with Me

Three surprised women holding a rotary telephone in a kitchen

My dream for this website (and my fanclub on FB … is to create a real neighborhood of sorts. A charming little town full of erotic secrets. Right now, in the fanclub, I have close to 500 neighbors. So better way to get to know people than to create a community interview form. So that’s what I did. I created a list of questions for us to answer. Now, they’re outlandish, a little wild, maybe too crazy and dirty for some people to feel comfortable with. So, for that reason, I think it’s fun to step into a character. Just cause you say it doesn’t mean that’s how you really are in real life. Everything about erotica is about stepping outside reality. Right? 

So I sent the questions to Jocqueline, my bestie, who runs the Brains, Beauty and Boo...

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My name is Chris…and I’m a sleeptyper.

Notes from C.C.

Typer, typist, whatever. You know what I mean. So I told you guys the other day that I finally had a writing cave and I was so excited about it. Well, last night I used it for the first time. I got a cup of coffee, sat down at the desk with my soft movie scores mix playing in the background, and I started writing the introduction for a horror anthology I’m helping my creative writing class put together.

It didn’t take long for the yawning to kick in. Maybe I should have been listening to something a little more upbeat or writing something I was a little more excited to write. I need to be working on Slippery when Wet: Maybe Mandy 3. Or one of the other twenty stories I’ve started.

But no.

I have to be a good teacher...

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I finally have a writing cave!

I’m so so so excited. I finally have a writing cave. It’s not much but it’s mine. I spent most of last night putting it together.

We have this small room at the back of the house that was kind of a storage room of sorts. Last night, I dragged everything out of there, painted the walls, put in a bookshelf, hung up some posters, displayed my book collection…oh, and I even put a few small toys on the bookshelf so my sons would feel good coming into the room. They know they can always play with the toys as long as they put them back after.

Now, I’m hoping to start recording some voice overs for part time work. I just need to figure out how to soundproof the room. I guess I’ll be writing about that at a future date. Meantime, here are a few pictures of my teeny tiny writing cave...

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