My name is Chris…and I’m a sleeptyper.

Notes from C.C.

Typer, typist, whatever. You know what I mean. So I told you guys the other day that I finally had a writing cave and I was so excited about it. Well, last night I used it for the first time. I got a cup of coffee, sat down at the desk with my soft movie scores mix playing in the background, and I started writing the introduction for a horror anthology I’m helping my creative writing class put together.

It didn’t take long for the yawning to kick in. Maybe I should have been listening to something a little more upbeat or writing something I was a little more excited to write. I need to be working on Slippery when Wet: Maybe Mandy 3. Or one of the other twenty stories I’ve started.

But no.

I have to be a good teacher. I told them I’d write the introduction to help them get started on their story. It’s not often you see students excited to write.

So…I started on that intro and got about halfway through it when I nodded off. Now, I can type without looking, but it’s the first time I’ve typed without being a wake.

What started out as the beginning of a horror story ended up looking something like this:

Children laughing in the halls long after midnight and blood running down the walls wasn’t something the typical security guard was willing to put up with the fly flew into the house and my kids wanted to kill it with a fly swatter.


See what I mean?

My horror story turned into a story about fly swatting kids. Where did that come from?

I woke up and deleted the mess so I could go back to finishing my original paragraph. When your eyes want to slam shut, they’re going to slam shut, so my paragraph ended up looking something like this:

…the typical security guard was willing to put up with and my wife said I needed to pick up bananas, coffee, maxi pads, and…

I woke up again.

That’s when I realized it was time to stop. I’d have to feed my students just the beginning of the story to get them going, then work on the rest of it later.

Has that ever happened to you guys? I’ve fallen asleep writing before, but usually it ends up looking something like aasdflkajj;laksdfjjk  jjkjklll.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I, Chris Genovese, and a certifiable sleeptyper.

And that’s all I have for today.

Thanks for reading,


4 comments to My name is Chris…and I’m a sleeptyper.

  • C.C.  says:

    I might have to try that, sleep poems, could be wild.

  • C.C.  says:

    Well thank you. I love your sleep talking.

  • Lindsay  says:

    You can sleep type me a poem or story any day and I’ll love it!

  • Rachelle  says:

    I love your sleep talking

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