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My dream for this website (and my fanclub on FB … is to create a real neighborhood of sorts. A charming little town full of erotic secrets. Right now, in the fanclub, I have close to 500 neighbors. So better way to get to know people than to create a community interview form. So that’s what I did. I created a list of questions for us to answer. Now, they’re outlandish, a little wild, maybe too crazy and dirty for some people to feel comfortable with. So, for that reason, I think it’s fun to step into a character. Just cause you say it doesn’t mean that’s how you really are in real life. Everything about erotica is about stepping outside reality. Right? 

So I sent the questions to Jocqueline, my bestie, who runs the Brains, Beauty and Books blog on FB (Check out her totally kickass blog here: She made it about halfway through the questions before she said, “Umm…you go first, then I’ll think about answering these.” Ha! So that’s what I did. I told her I’d answer the questions and give her first crack at the interview. She posted it last night on her blog so I’m sharing it here now on my website and on Goodreads and Facebook. It’s long. So here it goes. I’ll let Jocqueline take it from here. When you see BBB, that’s her with Brains, Beauty and Books.


So a while back Chris C. Genovese reached out to me and asked if I’d like to be the first person to answer his website related Mayberry Meet & Greet questions.

I started to answer them and then said, “I don’t know about this. These are pretty crazy.” (Actually I answered them but told him he couldn’t post them until well until he answered first)

So I asked him. I asked Chris if he would answer the questions and let me post them to my blog. Being the man his is, he took it as a dare. He figured how could he ask someone else to answer them if he wasn’t willing to do it himself?

So here are his answers to his own interview questions, LOL.

He’s sharing ‘em here with Brains, Beauty and BOOKS by JMichelle first!


Thank you so much for your interest in moving into Erotic Mayberry. We love making new friends and meeting new potential neighbors. If you wouldn’t mind, please fill out the following form so we can get to know the person we’ll be living so close to. Let your imagination run wild. We want to know the daring side of you. Beware, once you decide to buy a home in Erotic Mayberry, your life is going to get a whole lot more…sensual. After all, we’re a charming little town full of erotic secrets.


1. Do you have a nickname? If not, make one up. Go:

Chris: C.C. Genovese but everyone calls me Chris. And my street team calls me Pooh Bear. And my wife calls me Oso. But if I could choose my own nickname…I think it would be…Larry. Ha, totally kidding. Don’t you dare call me Larry.

BBB: I’ll stick with calling him bestie 🙂

2. Do you have a website or a blog we should know about?

Chris: Yes, it’s always a work in progress but my website is

3. Name one website or blog (not your own) that you consistently read.

Chris: Umm…Brains, Beauty, and Books…of course!

BBB (‪#‎snickers‬)

4: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Chris: I want to be a full time author of erotica, horror, and dark fantasy. I don’t want to have a day job. I really want to spend all my free time with my family, go to book signings as often as I can, and write books during all the time left.

5: If a movie were to be made about your life, who would play you?

Chris: Shit, I don’t know. This is going to sound cocky and I swear I’m not like that but I’ve been told a few times that I look like Matt Damon. So maybe him. That would be cool. Lately I’ve heard Captain America, Oliver Queen from Arrow, and even Thor. Hahahaha. Seriously, but come on. I wish.

BBB: I’ll give him 2 of those. Not saying which ones ‪#‎wink‬

6. Who would you pick to play your man/woman?

Chris: Who could play my wife? Man…well…my wife’s Latina. How about…damn this is a hard one. Who came up with these fucking questions? Right, I did. Damn me. Ok, let’s go with Odette Anabelle (from the movie You Again and from the show Banshee). She’s just so fucking hot.

BBB: Agree she is hawt

7. If a theme song were to start each time you walked into a room (like a wrestler), what would your theme song be?

Chris: Ohhhh I’d love for the bag pipes to play and Jump Around by House of Pain to start blaring. That’s one of my favorite songs of all time.

8. Favorite genre of book that isn’t erotica?

Chris: Horror. I love horror and dark fantasy (but not the elves and ogres kind, more like the Game of Thrones stuff and about assassins and stuff like that). That’s why I’m mixing erotica into all those genres. I like to say, just like it’s on my banner, that I take all the genres you love and set them on fire! Cue Jump Around by House of Pain.

BBB: Love GoT

9. Favorite movie?

Chris: If I had to name them quickly I’d say Braveheart, Warriors (the new one about the two brothers who fight MMA), and Sin City.

10. Favorite book of all time?

Chris: The Game of Thrones series, A Pale Horse Coming by Stephen Hunter, and The Great Gatsby.

BBB: The Great Gatsby is a classic!

11. Favorite author?

Chris: As far as writing style, George R.R. Martin, but I look up to Stephen King.

12. What’s your favorite phone app?

Chris: Evernote! That thing saves my life. I write a lot on that app. Oh and Tumblr…you know…for when…for when I need to jack off. Let’s just say it like it is. It’s inspirational!

13. Favorite TV show?

Chris: I love Sons of Anarchy and Vikings and was a huge fan of 24. I’ll admit my daughter has me watching Vampire Diaries with her and, I’m kind of embarrassed to say, it’s pretty
damn good.

BBB: Sure a lot of fans have their guilty pleasures of VampDiaries too lol

14. A movie you can watch a thousand times.

Chris: Eddie and the Cruisers, Back to the Future, Dirty Dancing,
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Grease (yes I like musicals), The Great Gatsby, I could go on and on.
Mostly the 80s movies like Weird Science are ones I can watch over and over again.

BBB: This is why we get along so well. Grease is the word and‪#‎ILoveThe80s‬

15. You’re making a mix tape for your teenager love, what song would have to be on it?

Chris: Bwahahaha “One More Try” by Timmy T! Remember that song? Oh and maybe “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boyz 2 Men.

BBB: No I can’t say that I remember that song ‪#‎Deadpan‬

16. Have any tattoos?

Chris: Yes, but no real cool ones. I want more. I want sleeves I think. I have an arm band on one arm and the Chinese symbol for the year of the sheep (the year of the RAM sounds so much cooler) on the other arm.

BBB: Baaaahhhh that’s my sheep sound. Do rams make noise?

17. What kind of music do you listen to?

Chris: All kinds and I mean that. Mostly, when I’m in the car, I listen to country. But if I want to get inspired to write I listen to rock. If I just want to blast music and have a good time I listen to rap. If I’m writing I listen to movie scores or new age. When I’m with my kids, it’s whatever’s popular at the time and when I’m with my wife it’s salsa.

18. Name a song that gets you in the mood.

Chris: For some reason that song The Hills by The Weekend seems sexy to me. Closer by Nine Inch Nails.

19. Favorite sexual position?

Chris: I like them all but my favorite, and not because I’m lazy I just love the fucking view, is when she’s riding me. There’s nothing hotter than seeing her tits rise and fall as she grinds her hips forward and back, taking me inside her. Fuck, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

BBB: NO WORDS…. ‪#‎cough‬ ‪#‎WhereIsMyWater‬

20. Favorite toy?

Chris: I don’t really use toys myself. I’ve bought my wife a vibrator though. We were going on a weekend trip, a getaway just the two of us. I went to fill the car up with gas while she was at home
finishing packing. The neon light at the sex shop called my name. So I went in and tried, knowing very little Spanish, to buy a gift for my wife. I ended up with one of those pink vibrators. I surprised her in the car and then helped her use it all the way to the resort (about an hour away). By the time we got to the hotel we were both horny as fuck. We fucked all over the place that night. On the bed, in the shower, against the dresser, in the bed again. If your man doesn’t buy you a toy, he doesn’t know what he’s missing.

BBB: See previous response lol

21. Oral…give or receive?

Chris: I love blowjobs, don’t get me wrong, but one of my favorite things to do is eat pussy. I love it. Like love it love it. Like I get depressed if sex starts without it. Sometimes I want to spread her legs and lick her clit, sometimes I want to do it from the side so she can stroke my cock while I’m going down on her, and sometimes I want her to sit on my face and fuck my mouth. So (let me adjust myself here for a second, ok better) yes, I love to give oral sex.

BBB: Yup….there you have it. All the things you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask. 🙂


DISCLAMINER PLEASE READ: Ok, for this portion, I (Chris) have to pretend that I’m a character in Mayberry. So, of course, I’m not talking about cheating on my wife. I love and respect her with all my heart. But Mayberry is a fictional neighborhood (and the book I’m publishing soon about it is based on this fictional neighborhood) so let me write as if I were a character living alone in Erotica Mayberry.

22. It’s the Erotic Mayberry welcoming party in your honor. What would you wear?

Chris: I think I’d go shirtless with just pajama pants. The kind with the open crotch area so I can be pulled out of my pants by whoever decided to sit next to me at dinner. Easy access would definitely come into handy at a party in my honor.

23. It’s Christmas time and you see the security guard at the front gate every single day. He’s kept you safe and has been willing to work with you whenever you have a party and have guests arriving. What do you do for/get for him for the holidays?

Chris: If this were Mayberry, I think the security guard would be treated like one of our own. He’s probably a hot stud anyway if he’s working in Mayberry. So I’d invite him over to the town Christmas party, tell him to strip naked, and push him into a pitch dark room full of some of Mayberry’s most generous and
sexiest neighbors.

24. If a new neighbor arrived in town, what’s one piece of advice you’d give him/her?

Chris: No jealousy. No anger. No regrets. If you want to fuck your neighbor. Make an effort. If he/she is willing, they will definitely let you know. Come to the parties ready to step outside of your normal comfort zone. There may be a game of bobbing for apples and your cock might be the apple. Ladies, you might fuck the hottest guy in the neighborhood but decide the next night that you want the second hottest. We’ll all just laugh about it and watch you grab the second guy cock to drag him into the room. This is Erotic Mayberry. There is no feeling ashamed. If that were the case, we’d all feel ashamed.

BBB: Like the Playboy mansion without Heff lol

25. If you could give one welcoming dish that you cooked, what would it be?

Chris: Well this is a pretty normal question. I’d probably cook chicken Parmesan or something else Italian.

BBB: Yum

26. If you could open any business in town, what would it be?

Chris: I think I’d like to be a health and well-being inspector. I’d visit the homes of all the women in town and check to make sure they’re happy and satisfied. If they weren’t, I’d make sure that frown turns upside down. Or maybe I’d open a driving school. Only stick shift. No cars involved. Bwahahahaha!


27. Imagine you have a free day with someone else in Mayberry, what would you want done to you?

Chris: Most people would probably want to play the dom or sub role but that doesn’t turn me on all that much. But I do think I’d like to lie back naked in bed while two hot women make out in front of me, strip each other naked, then eventually make their way toward me. Come on…all guys secretly wish for a threesome. Whether or not we could actually handle one or go through with one is a different story. But the thought is what dreams are made of.

BBB: Future book perhaps…

28. If a Mayberry neighbor sent a gift wrapped man to your house, would you unwrap him? Then what?

Chris: Ok, these questions were obviously written with my female readers in mind. I don’t have many male readers. So I beg you not to send a gift wrapped man to my house. If it were a woman, I’d absolutely unwrap her, then I’d need to inspect her. I’d lay her down on the bed and explore every inch of her to find all of her perfections and flaws. Then I might need to taste her. So I’d spread open her legs, pull open her pussy, and dip my tongue inside. I’d need to see how well she moaned so I’d spend a little time at her clit, pinning it down with my mouth while I teased it a bit. You know where this is going.

BBB: Well I hope facebook has a brain fart and skips past that very sexy scene…‪#‎nextquestion‬ lol

29. What would your welcome mat at your front door read?

Chris: Clothing not allowed. Please remove clothes at the door.

30. If you were asked to plan the perfect Mayberry ladies get together, name 3 things on the agenda.

Chris: Demonstration of their favorite toys, kissing contest, surprise visit to C.C. Genovese’s house! Hell yeah.

BBB: Epic!

31. If there was a big garage sale in Mayberry, what’s the one thing you’d hope to be able to pick up?

Chris: I want a sword. And a big ass Viking-like war hammer. Might have to go with something more likely to be in Mayberry like furry handcuffs, whips, or cock rings. Actually, and this might sound sick to you, but I’m kind of curious what one of those pocket pussies feels like. I’ve never used one. Wonder if I could pick one of those up at an Erotic Mayberry garage sale. Unused! Still in the package. Shit, almost didn’t clarify.

BBB: LMAO you don’t want to buy toys at a garage sale. Unused or not. Yeah ‪#‎NoJustNo‬ lol

32. If you were able to move in next to any other Mayberry neighbor, who would it be?

Chris: Jocqueline! She’s my bestie! Plus I know I’d get turned on by all the noises I might hear coming out of her bedroom window at night!

BBB: Ha this is funny ‪#‎BLUSH‬

33. If one of your Mayberry neighbors was fucking so loud you couldn’t sleep, what would you do?

Chris: I’d stand at the window and yell, “Yes! That’s how you do it!” Or I might go find a neighbor of my own and see if we can beat them.

BBB: Divide and conquer

34. One of your neighbors calls you. She’s hot and she’s stuck in her dress. She needs help getting out of it. You go over there and she starts getting kind of frisky with you. What do you do?

Chris: That’s when you say fuck the dress, and rip her out of it. I can see it now. No bra. Just the dress, and as the fabric rips right down the middle, her big, beautiful tits spring free for me. Damn, like a Tumblr gif I keep seeing them flopping out, flopping out, flopping out. That’s fucking awesome!

BBB: I swear I’m laughing out loud and snorting

35. Her husband walks in, he looks like your favorite book cover model. He says, “Oh you did the whole I can’t get out of my dress routine I see. She’s here now. Let’s have a good time.” What do you do?

Chris: Umm…next question. This one doesn’t work for me.


Thank you for taking the time to answer these and welcome to the neighborhood!

Note from Chris: If you got a kick out of these questions and would be comfortable with answering them yourself, please PM me on Facebook or email me at and I’ll get you set up with an interview. Also, keep your eyes open for other cool features coming to the site and dont’ forget, the Mayberry book, Welcome to Erotic Mayberry is on its way. I’m about halfway finished with it right now. Thanks for reading! 

Chris (C.C. Genovese)

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