Mayberry Friends’ Poetry – Please Welcome Adonvdo Aquadanvdo

Mayberry Friends Poetry

It was maybe six months ago (ages ago) when I first opened the website up and asked if anyone wanted to have their erotic or fantasy or horror kind of poetry shared. Adonvdo, a Facebook friend of mine, messaged me right away. The poem he sent was hot. For some reason, things got delayed. You know how it is. I just fell behind when it came to the website, but I never forgot that poem he sent me, so last week I messaged him and asked if he’d still like to do it. He was all for it. I’m telling you, this guy’s awesome. So here’s the poem he originally sent me, and below it I’ll post a new one he wrote. 

I hope you guys like it. Please visit his attached link and show him some love.



Sometimes talking is so overrated
Meanings and words
can easily get crossed
I prefer you speak to me
with body language
It is the times
I have you under my tongue
that I enjoy the most
You unable to converse
even a simple little speech
But the bucking of your hips
articulates words
that neither of us care to utter
The moans from your lips
convey volumes
telling me of your most sinful wants
When you grab handfuls of my hair
and pull me closer
I understand everything I need to know
Here’s the second poem he sent: 
Cheeks red not from blushing
but from your stilettos
that fill me with fire
Placid lips waiting the inferno
that is about to engulf me
Wanting to devour all that is you
Waiting with bulging desire
The darkness inviting every touch
Eyes that see the pleasure
in every breath
Lust crowding out the blood in my veins
Passion in my chest
replacing the air in my lungs
My mind void of all 
except carnal thoughts of you
You are my love
do with me as you wish
when all of your salacious fantasies
are fulfilled exhaustion
When only a moan slips
from a quivering lip
Only then is when I shall begin
I don’t know about you guys, but I think those poems were fucking hot. My favorite line? “I have you under my tongue.” You know why! Guys, thank you so much for checking out my friend’s poem and I hope you’ll check out his link. Find Adonvdo Aquadanvdo on Facebook and stalk him! Thanks again.
P.S. If any of my other poet friends would like their poem and links highlighted on this website, message me at with your poem, an image that’s legal for me to use on my site (if you want an image to go with it), and your links. 

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  • C.C.  says:

    I totally agree!

  • Brains, Beauty and BOOKS!  says:

    Very hot!

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