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I had the pleasure of chatting with Steven Evans leading up to a Facebook event we were both attending. We discussed horror writing and dark fantasy and I knew right away Steve was a cool dude. When I mentioned I was looking for poets to highlight on this website, Steve was the first to send me his work. Here’s a short bio I stole from Amazon (Steve is a humble guy and didn’t really want to talk about himself, lol, so I had to figure out other ways of digging up some info on him).

From the excerpt on his book, Reflections of Life and Love: 

“My poems cover everyday issues that we all deal with. I write of pain and loss, of yearning and needing and of heartbreak and confusion. When I write, I want the reader to be able to lose themselves in the story. I want them to see themselves in each word and to be able to relate. I tend to go a little more to the darker side of life and love simply because I find it more interesting and easier to hold my attention and hopefully the reader’s as well.” 

Here are the poems Steve wanted me to share with you. Check out the links below his work to pick up his books and to stalk him on Facebook:

          ~ SCARS ~

The scars living on my face
Cower to those on my soul!
The flesh becomes its own prey
Rabbid, biting, disease filled rotting stoles!
Cut and ripped…, dissected to bone
The scars proclaim my cause unknown!

        ~ SONG OF THE BEAST ~

Now the Beast awakens from where he slept
Motherless children, for those he has wept
The population knows not his true desires
For his heart longs to see the world on fire
To watch the people burn in mortal conquest
And deliver them from their own tainted flesh
He sings, “Suffer the motherless children
      For their hearts are pure and knows not sin
      Resting in peace ’til I bid them to wake
      My adolescent hoard will cause the Earth to quake
      No longer Human, they are my offspring
      And I, I am their demon king!”
The people cry out in anguish and despair
Begging for mercy but there’s no mercy there
They scream for salvation and for absolution
But their sins demand a full restitution
They writhe in pain as they lose their flesh
For the condemned, there will be no rest
He sings, “Sins of the flesh consumed by fire
       Your sorrow fuels the flames to grow higher
        A tooth for a tooth; an eye for an eye
        Now cross your heart and hope to die
        Sin for a sin; lust, greed, and pride
        I’m the Beast awakened to sever your life!”

(Steven wrote) Ok, this one is just for fun!

~ A Hooker Got Run Over By A Wine-O ~

A hooker got run over by a Wine-O
Walking to another car down the street
You can say there’s no such thing as a Wine-O
But as for all the Johns we believe
She’d been hooking too much lately
And her high heels wouldn’t let her flee
Now there’s mismatched trademarks on her back
As he came stumbling out of the alley
The hooker didn’t stand a chance against him
As the Wine-O toppled her to her knees
Now there’s a bottle of booze busted on her forehead
As the Wine-O flashed his junk for the world to see
A hooker got run over by a Wine-O
And there’s nothing left for the world to see
You can say there’s no such thing as Wine-O’s
But as for all the Johns we believe

Thank you so much for checking out Steven’s work and please check him out at the following links. Oh, and remember, if any of my other poet friends would like to have their work shared, email me at and let me know. Here are Steven’s links: 

Steven Evans on Facebook:

His books:

Savor the Darkness

Reflections of Life and Love

4 comments to Mayberry Friends’ Poetry – Please Welcome Steven Evans

  • C.C.  says:

    Thank you for reading, Donna!

  • C.C.  says:

    Hahaha very true!

  • Mitzi Carroll  says:

    Very good. Dark, but I enjoyed them. I’ll never be able to hear “Grandma got run over….” with the same mindset ever again. lol

  • Donna S McManus  says:

    Really great writing! Enjoyed reading your work. Thank you for sharing it☺

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