Mayberry Friends’ Poetry – Please Welcome Peach Sangria

Mayberry Friends Poetry

Peach Sangria is the author/poet name of my good friend Eileen. Eileen has been a friend of mine since back when I first started writing erotica. She’s always shared my work and helped me promote whatever I had going on. I’ve read a lot of her poetry and even had the opportunity to read part of her book. She’s very talented and so deep. When she writes, your really feel what she’s saying. So the other night she told me she had a poem she wanted me to share on this website, because she wanted her Mayberry friends to read it first. She values your friendship and wanted you guys to have first crack at her new poem. When I read this, I wrote her right away to tell her how touched I was. I’ll let you guys read for yourselves. 



Two friends, one kiss and a goodbye


You are my rock, my better half

My friend, my confidant

I cherish every conversation we’ve had

Up until the very early hours of the next morning

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried together

We’ve dreamed about a better world

Lying on the grass, staring at the bright stars

Holding hands and sharing each other’s dreams


You are very dear to me

A beautiful human being

Almost a perfect man and a

Phenomenal friend

You stroked my hair every time

I cried on your shoulder

Comforting me, making me believe

Everything was going to get better

I always did the same with you

My wild temper rising

Spitting threats to everyone

That tried to break your heart


We loved each other dearly

I was one of your boys


Something in the air changed

Our song came on

We held each other as we danced

You stole a kiss from my lips

You kissed me, eyes closed

Pouring every sentiment and feeling

In that short kiss, silently speaking

The truest words from within

I pulled away, terrified

It was only 2 o’clock

But in my heart it felt really late

I had to run, I had to leave


That night I cried myself to sleep

With a broken heart

For I knew, I’ve lost my best friend


My love for you is rich

Filled with colors and stardust

My love for you is a landscape

Like the pretty ones from the magazines

Full of sunflowers and wild grass

My love for my friend

Was a sunny day with pretty shaped clouds

With kids dancing along with the breeze




My love for you as a man

Is poor, empty, nonexistent

I know I hurt you, but I hurt too

Deep down I know you are everything

I ever dreamed about for myself

Everything I ever wanted in a man



Because I love you, I could never be selfish

Why give your love hope when I can’t reciprocate

Not the way you want me to

Not the way you deserve

That day our lips touched

I didn’t feel a 4th of July

It felt like nothing but sadness

Pulling at my heart

Why venture and put any effort

And offer you my lips, my body

Knowing desire and lust will never be enough

To delight and build a home

If there’s no love from the both of us

If I can’t accept you as a lover


I gave up everything I knew you could give me

I gave up being loved tenderly,

Dearly and unconditionally

I had to pull away and let go

For I knew already the end to this story

I handed you a note an kissed your wet cheek

You weren’t the only one

Heartbroken that day

I couldn’t look back

I knew too well you were a mess

The lump in my throat

Choked me as I sobbed

My footsteps were numb, uncoordinated

Still I didn’t look back, I was afraid

I always cursed every girl who made you sad

That night, it was my fault

That night I was the girl who shattered your heart

The hardest…

The Note.



Please don’t hate me,

I never meant for any of this to happen.

I love you, very much, you know this!!!

But I can’t look at you as a lover.

I’ just a burning shot of amber.

You know me well, you know I’m damaged.

One day, the sweetest girl will knock at your door

And she will be the golden ticket

For you to take a true shot at love

As you hold her up in the air

Twirling her around in your embrace

While she loves you with her twinkling eyes

You will remember me, and thank me

For continuing my life away,

Leaving behind our beautiful


Shared together.


© Peach Sangria


Thank you, Peach, for pouring your heart out onto my website and letting your Mayberry neighbors read your sweet, touching words. We love you. God bless you. 

Chris (C.C. Genovese)


9 comments to Mayberry Friends’ Poetry – Please Welcome Peach Sangria

  • C.C.  says:

    That’s an awesome idea!

  • C.C.  says:

    I’m singing that song from the musical Oliver. “I’d do anything for you, dear, anything.”

  • Peach Sangria  says:

    Thank you ♡

  • Vee Townsend  says:

    I’d love to see her work on my page….Peach, feel free to post on my Poetry page as well, excellent job!


  • C.C.  says:

    Thank you for reading, Vee!

  • C.C.  says:

    I know, right? You can feel the sadness.

  • Cindy Griffin  says:

    Beautiful poem Peach of unrequited love. Your choice of words touches everyone who loved a friend who would never be a lover. Thank you for sharing.

  • Vee Townsend  says:


  • Jontae Scott  says:

    Oh man Peach that was awesome. You can feel the emotions coming through your words

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