Flip DaBird’s Wild Author Interview with Alisha Coggins (formerly Alisha Cole)


Flip DaBird's Wild Author Interviews

Hey all you wild people!

Flip DaBird here with another insane author interview. I was just sitting back, dreaming of camel toes, when I realized it was time to spotlight another author. Alisha Coggins (some of you may know her as Alisha Cole) is ready to bring the hotness to Mayberry. Here’s her bio:

Alisha Coggins (Cole) is a twenty six year old romance author. She released her debut book in September 2015 called; My Beautiful Nightmare. She has lived in Smyrna Delaware for the past six years with her twin sons and Husband. Alisha enjoys reading, dancing, spending time with her family, and spending endless nights writing, to bring her fans more stories. If she’s not writing or reading, you can find her on Facebook, where she connects with her readers most.


FLIP: Let’s start out slowly and get to know Alisha a little bit. Alisha, how many books have you written?

Alisha: To date—five.

FLIP: And which genres do you dabble in? Are your books all in the same genre?

Alisha: Dark romance, Romantic thrillers/suspense, and Contempory romance.

FLIP: Dark romance…hot. Speaking of dark, just how dark are you willing to go? What will you never write?

Alisha: There’s nothing that I won’t write. I actually write under a pen name to keep those type of readers separate, from the ones listed above.

FLIP: Oh shit. That’s the stuff I want to read. I bet you get into some kinky shit. We’ll get to some kinky shit later. What’s the best thing someone has written in a review of your book?

Alisha: That they connected to it, felt what the character felt, and helped them recover from a trauma.

FLIP: And the worst thing…maybe that you caused trauma, hahaha.

Alisha: Someone once said that it’s bloody rubbish. Ha-ha.

FLIP: Somehow the word bloody can be more offensive than most other ways of putting it, right? Unless it’s like a super sexy chick talking about my cock and saying, “That is bloody huge!” Then it’s quite alright. Speaking of bloody, how would you feel if you went to someone’s house and you saw your bloody book holding up their couch?

Alisha: Pissed off, I don’t think I’d be allowed back at their house. A restraining order would definitely be a possibility.

FLIP: I hear ya on that one. Like, “Take my bloody book and shove it up your blood ass!” Your words, not mine. I’m much too polite for that. Ok, you ready to get a little kinkier?


FLIP: If you had no arms and were extremely horny, what would you use to masturbate?

Alisha: A suction-cup dildo, stuck to my shower. 

FLIP: Oh my God, I just got an instant boner. That was quick. Shit, down boy! Would you rather watch porn or read erotica?

Alisha: Ooh… That’s a hard one. I’ll have to say read it, I like to imagine my own characters.

FLIP: My imagination is crazier than any porn, that’s for sure. Ok, I’ll decide right now if I like you or not, just by how you answer this next question. Peanut butter and jelly? Or tuna?

Alisha: Peanut butter and jelly.

FLIP: Yes, I like you. Would you rather watch porn on an old VHS tape that kept fixing the tracking at all the good parts? Or read erotica straight from a relative’s diary?

Alisha: VHS porn, I have a very vivid imagination.

FLIP: That’s not good when you’re imagining relatives. Unless of course it’s an extremely hot step sister and you haven’t known each other since you were kids, like your parents got married when you were both nineteen, and she keeps bending over and showing the top of her thong at her waistband, and she likes to eat bananas in front of you for some reason…that diary I wouldn’t mind reading.

Pause and reflect.

FLIP: How would you feel if you were at a roller skating rink and the DJ suddenly put on an audio recording of one of your books? And people skated harder, like it was their motherfucking jam?

Alisha: I’d laugh for a few minutes and then join them, because that’s my motherfucking jam.

FLIP: What a coincidence, that’s my motherfucking jam too! Imagine you’re a guy. Would you rather be on a nude beach on a cold day with a shriveled dick? Or on a gay beach on a hot day with ass-less swim trunks?

Alisha: Gay beach all the way! I know my sexual orientation.

FLIP: You’re with a really sexy man. Would you rather find out you’re seriously allergic to latex, after you’ve started fucking with a condom? Or be lactose intolerant and find out his edible briefs were made of cheese…right after you went down and they’re about to return the favor?

Alisha: Being allergic to latex. I’ve actually found this out the hard way and took it like champ.

FLIP: Took it like a champ! You have such a way with words, Alisha. Would you rather get a Halloween bag full of cassette tapes by Color Me Badd? Or a bag full of little poop-scented hand sanitizer bottles?

Alisha: Color Me Badd! Lol

FLIP: Poor Color Me Badd. I used to love them. Probably still do. I don’t know why I chose to use them for that question. No offense, guys. Now, please answer which of these you like more: Gummy bears or sweet tarts?

Alisha: Gummy bears

FLIP: Firm chest or a nice ass?

Alisha: Nice ass

FLIP: Oral sex performed on you with a little teeth involved? Or oral sex and a finger in your butt?

Alisha: Oral and the finger in the butt.

FLIP: What? No teeth? Oh that’s a shame. Ok, now, please answer which of these you hate more: Rats or cockroaches?

Alisha: Cockroaches . . . eww.

FLIP: Clowns or porcelain dolls?

Alisha: Porcelain dolls

FLIP: Your period or he has a soft dick at the wrong time?

Alisha: Soft dick, wrong time.

FLIP: Yeah, you can totally work it out when she’s on her period. Running out of toilet paper? Or sharting?

Alisha: Running out of toilet paper.

FLIP: That one’s way too easy. I should have said running out of toilet paper in a crowded nightclub, with the guy you’re totally digging waiting right outside the stall! Next one, your man sneezing when he’s about to cum, then instantly going soft? Or coughing when he’s about to slide in, then accidentally bumping your rump?

Alisha: Accidental bumping my rump.

FLIP: If you could punch one person in the face, who would it be?

Alisha: Kanye West, no further explanation needed.

FLIP: I think that’s our number one answer. The survey says…Kanye West. If you slap one man in the face with your tits, who would it be?

Alisha: Jason Statham, motor boating would be just as nice.

FLIP: Ahahaha, yes, gotta love the motorboat. Jason would love that too I’m sure! If you could have one man slap you on the clit with his dick, who would it be?

Alisha: Tom Hardy

FLIP: Of all the characters you’ve created, which one is most likely to masturbate while driving down the highway listening to St. Elmos Fire?

Alisha: I’d have to say, Jake from My Beautiful Freedom.

FLIP: Jake sounds like an alright dude. What would your character (please name him/her) say if a random guy/girl (a sexy one) walked up behind them and slid their hand up the crack of their ass?

Alisha: Jake would say, “So you like to play?”

FLIP: Now imagine if he’d just sharted! Ewwwww! If you could fuck a character from someone else’s book (even famous authors), who would it be?

Alisha: Jesse Ward from: This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas.

FLIP: If you could spend the day in a famous person’s body, meaning having sex as them, masturbating as them, eating fish tacos as them…who would it be? And why?

Aisha: Scarlett Johansson, because she’s gorgeous and I’m obsessed. 

FLIP: Great fucking answer! Yes, I want to spend my day inside Scarlet Johansson too! We’re like peas and a pod, you and I! Last question, I promise. If you woke up tomorrow as a member of the opposite sex, what’s the first thing you would do?

Alisha: Pee standing up.

FLIP: Just make sure you lift the toilet seat, Alisha! Thank you so much for being a good sport. We love you! Now, guys, after reading this, please stalk Alisha. She loves stalkers. We all do. I’ll post the links below. And if any authors would like to participate in one of these interviews, I’ll be changing up the questions once I get through my current list of authors. Just email me at eroticmayberry@gmail.com. Here are Alisha’s links!

BTW, her author page is now Author A. Coggins (previously Cole)

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Alisha-Cole/e/B0164MJ5Q2/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

 Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/Author-Alisha-Cole-878713668881956/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Goodreads Author Page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9469314.Alisha_Cole Instagram: authoracoggins

Twitter: @AuthorAlishaC

Pinterest: Author Alisha Cole

Author website: http://alishercole.wix.com/authorpage

Follow her Facebook Blog: https://m.facebook.com/BookTeasersBlog/

Sign up for her Newsletter and never miss a thing ever again: http://eepurl.com/bUb1k1

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