2nd Person Romantic Shorts Volume 1, Books 1-4

You're alone and you're ready for bed. Your toys are readily available and you're looking for a short, one-handed read. This is where my 2nd Person Romantic Shorts come in. Let me make you the star of YOUR fantasy. This is a collection of books 1-4 of the 2nd Person Romantic Shorts series, all meant to walk you through your own playtime. Let's face it. You deserve your own happily ever after.

Book 1: The Book Signing

Imagine you're at that book signing you've been waiting for. Your favorite author is signing books at her table and right next to her is your fantasy book cover model.
This is the guy dreams are made of.
This is what a book signing is all about, getting to finally meet that gorgeous specimen of a man you've been fangirling over for the longest.
Now, Imagine he's actually into you and after a few drinks he's ready to take you up to his room and have some naughty, wild, and downright dirty fun.

Book 2: The Nutritionist

Imagine your doctor says you need to work on your eating habits. He suggests you see a nutritionist, but when you get to the guy's office, you find that he's a super hot professional who tends to dip into the unprofessional side.
By that I mean he won't stop flirting with you and you're a little more than turned on.
Now, Imagine he invites you to his place to show you firsthand how to manage your new healthy diet. And what goes best with healthy foods? Plenty of exercise.
By exercise I mean he's about to bend your body in ways you never thought imaginable. It's time for some naughty, wild, and downright dirty fun...all in the name of your health.

Book 3: Getting Off with a Warning

Imagine you've just ended a rough day at work. You can't wait to get home so you're speeding down the highway. Suddenly you're being pulled over.
The cop tapping on your window is straight out of your fantasies. This is the guy dreams are made of.
Now imagine he takes you out of the car to check if you've been drinking.
Then he's checking other things.
This cop likes to play rough and he's got special plans for you. His plans involve naughty, wild, and downright dirty fun.

Book 4: Planting the Gardener's Seed

Imagine your usual gardener takes a day off and sends a young, hot stud in his place. Now imagine this flirtatious hottie has a bit of a headache and instead of offering him aspirin, he accidentally takes a couple of little blue pills left behind by a friend of yours. You know the pills I'm talking about.
Now imagine you're the star of this story.
It's time for some naughty, wild, and downright dirty fun...as you plant the gardener's seed.