Checking Him Out: A Single Mothers’ Workplace Romance

A Single Mothers Workplace Romance

Book Cover: Checking Him Out: A Single Mothers' Workplace Romance

Being a single mom definitely has its benefits, like not having to share the love of my son, and not having to answer to a man.
It does have its downsides too.
Rarely do I see passion and wild hookups.
That’s what I should be doing, right?
Well not me, I’m Gina the dependable.
Gina the great mom.
Gina the nice lady next door who always lends a cup of sugar.
Gina who doesn’t mind that your music is a little too loud.
Gina who will gladly accept a double shift.
Never Gina the stud slayer.
Well all that's about to change. I've got my eyes set on a handsome and flirtatious hunk who told me flat out the dirty things he'd like to do to me.
It's time for mom to get naughty.

C.C. Genovese takes the genres you love and sets them on fire. This is a single mothers' workplace romance. Let the fantasy begin.


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