Slippery When Wet, Maybe Mandy 3

Maybe Mandy 3

You've followed along as I hooked up with Braden for a night of kinky carnival games.
You've traveled with me to Cancun where I met my Latin hunk, Valentino.
Now, I'm back home and have a new naughty tale to share.
This time I'm headed to my high school reunion where I'll introduce you to some old friends, fill you in on some of my first experiences, and have a soaking wet good time with a new heartthrob.
To be honest, I might reveal a little too much. This is the real Mandy. I'm a modern woman with real needs. Things might get a little slippery when I get wet.

Follow Mandy in her third book as she searches for her happily ever after.

Chris Genovese takes the genres you love and sets them on fire. This is a romantic comedy novella. Prepare for a soaking wet good time.


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