That’s Pretty Freakin’ Deep: A Collection of Erotic Poetry Books 1-3 By Chris Genovese

Step outside the parameters of your everyday life and allow yourself a chance to giggle, guffaw, and maybe even grope yourself a little as you read the sexy and often downright hilarious words of erotic romance author Chris Genovese. These are short tales told in poetic style. Read everything from this author's back and forth arguments with his own penis to the tear-jerking tale of Heartbreaking Ride to his fondness for the camel toe.

This is a collection of all three of Chris Genovese's erotic poetry books (Just the Tip, Going Deeper, and Balls Deep). Now that's Pretty Freakin' Deep!

"Absolutely loved the erotic poetry of Chris Genovese. You will be stunned and amazed by the brilliance of Genovese's mind, these are hot, they are sweltering, they are ... a brilliant escape from the mundane. Wildly erotic, sinfully decadent, Chris Genovese will take you on an erotic adventure where you will dip into the naughty side and simply enjoy his fabulous weaving of words!" -- Erotica Author Ellie Masters