The Trouble with Virgins (A Sci-Fi Romance Novella)

Daughters of Venus 2

Book Cover: The Trouble with Virgins (A Sci-Fi Romance Novella)
Part of the Daughters of Venus series:

In a future where female children are rare, some of the remaining women have established a female-supreme religion, where they can each take up to three husbands. Life in the Daughters of Venus community is good, unlike in the lowlands where the Venenum hunt women for sport.

The second book in this series finds Jessica turning eighteen and male suitors lining up for a crack at being one of her fellows. With trouble brewing at the bottom of the mountain, Jessica has to figure out how to juggle both her longing to become a respected Dove with her hunger for naughty pleasure.The trouble with virgins is sometimes they have an insatiable appetite.

Chris Genovese takes the genres you love and sets them on fire. This is a Science Fiction Romance Novella. Let the dirty fun begin.


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