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Flip DaBird’s Wild Author Interview with Krihstin Zink

Flip DaBird's Wild Author Interviews

Hey y’all. This is Flip DaBird back with another wild author interview. I had to slow it down a bit so you wouldn’t get tired of reading the same ol’ questions. Once we get through this round of authors, I might revamp the questions and do it all over again. This time, I’m sitting down with the ridiculously talented Krihstin Zink. She’s ready to get wild with your boy, Flip. So let’s do this.


FLIP: Hi Krihstin. I like to put emphasis on that “H” in your name so that it comes out sounding seductive when I say it. All breathy. Like, Krihhhhhhhhstin. Come on, that has to get you people hot and bothered hearing me say Krihhhhhstin. Ok, stop laughing Krihstin. You’ve got questions to answer.

Krihstin: Thanks, Chris, for including me...

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Flip DaBird’s Wild Author Interview with Alisha Coggins (formerly Alisha Cole)

Flip DaBird's Wild Author Interviews

Hey all you wild people!

Flip DaBird here with another insane author interview. I was just sitting back, dreaming of camel toes, when I realized it was time to spotlight another author. Alisha Coggins (some of you may know her as Alisha Cole) is ready to bring the hotness to Mayberry. Here’s her bio:

Alisha Coggins (Cole) is a twenty six year old romance author. She released her debut book in September 2015 called; My Beautiful Nightmare. She has lived in Smyrna Delaware for the past six years with her twin sons and Husband. Alisha enjoys reading, dancing, spending time with her family, and spending endless nights writing, to bring her fans more stories. If she’s not writing or reading, you can find her on Facebook, where she connects with her readers most.


FLIP: Let’s start out slo...

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Flip DaBird’s Wild Author Interview with Erin Trejo

Flip DaBird's Wild Author Interviews

Good Friday night, everybody! While you’re out getting shitty, stumbling this way and that, playing a little game of “just the tip” because you forgot to pack a condom, your good buddy Flip DaBird is here hanging out with Erin Trejo, one of the coolest chicks writing books today. Let’s get down to business. Here’s a short bio on Erin:

“Erin Trejo is a wife, mother, child chauffeur and author. She loves being able to create different characters and spin a web that makes them come together in the end.

Her books do not stick to just one genre, they span many. She writes about things that are real life situations and fairy tales are not always smooth sailing. Her MC books are hard and gritty and they have struggles just like you would in life.

She also has books that are not so in...

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Flip DaBird’s Wild Author Interview with Ava Bell

Flip DaBird

Alright or All right or Awmothfuckingright! It’s time to unwind with a glass of erotic wine with another one of our hottest female erotica authors. This time, your great foul-mouthed buddy, Flip DaBird, is here with Ava Bell. She writes about whips and chains and dungeons and thangs. If you follow her on Facebook, you know she’s one of the funniest chicks in the author world and ain’t afraid to get down and dirty. Here’s her blurb straight from Amazon:

“Ava Bell was born and raised in Oklahoma where she resides with her husband, two children and three dogs. Her debut novel Miles From Home was released in January of 2015. Since her debut novel she has since released a 3 book novella series, The Tabu Series which is erotic/BDSM based.
Ava is currently working on 3 different proje...

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Flip DaBird’s Wild Author Interview with S.I. Hayes

Flip DaBird

Hey, boys and girls, it’s your crazy ass uncle, Flip DaBird, here with another wild author interview. We had some fun with J.F. Silver last week and this time we’re talking to a female author, S.I. Hayes. Here’s a little bit of info about her before we get started.

“S.I. Hayes has been telling tales of erotic intrigue for as long as she can remember, long before she was writing them down she was lying in bed with friends telling tall tales and getting them all worked up. Now she works up the lives of horny housewives and loves every moment of it! Dive into her works and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes! See you at the bottom!”


FLIP: Ohhh boy, I like rabbit holes. Especially the kind that go deep. So, S.I...

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Flip DaBird’s Wild Author Interview with J.F. Silver

Flip DaBird

Good evening, or afternoon, or whatever the hell time of day it is when you read this. My name’s Flip DaBird and I’m Chris’s alter ego, here to spice shit up a bit. Where Chris is always trying to be the nice guy, I’m kind of his asshole side you could say. So I’m gonna be running these here interviews. You’re used to reading all the usual author Q&A. What’s your favorite book? Why did you start writing? Do you have any interesting writer quirks? Where do you do most of your writing? I don’t give a fuck about any of that shit. I have some questions of my own. Wanna hear ’em? Here they go. 

My first guest on the Flip DaBird Wild Author Interview couch is the husband/wife team of J.F. Silver...

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