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Mayberry Friends’ Poetry – Please Welcome Charlotte E. Hart

Mayberry Friends Poetry

Good morning, Erotic Mayberry. This morning I’d like to share with you some seriously scorching and oh so erotic poetry by my new friend, Charlotte E Hart. Charlotte reached out to me right after I mentioned sharing poetry on this website. She wrote me a very sweet email and as soon as I saw her work, I knew she needed to be here in Mayberry. This is the place for her. And she’s welcome to the neighborhood anytime. She sent me some really cool images to go with her poetry so please check these out and then check out her links to see more of her work! 




Wow! That’s a great way to start your morning. A hot cup of coffee and some poetry by Charlotte E Hart. That’s what I’m talking about! Thank you, Charlotte, for playing along and being so generous with your work...

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Mayberry Friends’ Poetry – Please Welcome Peach Sangria

Mayberry Friends Poetry

Peach Sangria is the author/poet name of my good friend Eileen. Eileen has been a friend of mine since back when I first started writing erotica. She’s always shared my work and helped me promote whatever I had going on. I’ve read a lot of her poetry and even had the opportunity to read part of her book. She’s very talented and so deep. When she writes, your really feel what she’s saying. So the other night she told me she had a poem she wanted me to share on this website, because she wanted her Mayberry friends to read it first. She values your friendship and wanted you guys to have first crack at her new poem. When I read this, I wrote her right away to tell her how touched I was. I’ll let you guys read for yourselves. 


Two friends, one kiss and a goodbye

You are my rock, my bette...

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Mayberry Friends’ Poetry – Please Welcome Steven Evans

Mayberry Friends Poetry

I had the pleasure of chatting with Steven Evans leading up to a Facebook event we were both attending. We discussed horror writing and dark fantasy and I knew right away Steve was a cool dude. When I mentioned I was looking for poets to highlight on this website, Steve was the first to send me his work. Here’s a short bio I stole from Amazon (Steve is a humble guy and didn’t really want to talk about himself, lol, so I had to figure out other ways of digging up some info on him).

From the excerpt on his book, Reflections of Life and Love: 

“My poems cover everyday issues that we all deal with. I write of pain and loss, of yearning and needing and of heartbreak and confusion. When I write, I want the reader to be able to lose themselves in the story...

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Billy the Blue Collar Dom, an erotic comedy poem by C.C. Genovese

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My Penis Made Me Do It, an erotic comedy poem by C.C. Genovese

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Mayberry Friends’ Poetry – Please Welcome Adonvdo Aquadanvdo

Mayberry Friends Poetry

It was maybe six months ago (ages ago) when I first opened the website up and asked if anyone wanted to have their erotic or fantasy or horror kind of poetry shared. Adonvdo, a Facebook friend of mine, messaged me right away. The poem he sent was hot. For some reason, things got delayed. You know how it is. I just fell behind when it came to the website, but I never forgot that poem he sent me, so last week I messaged him and asked if he’d still like to do it. He was all for it. I’m telling you, this guy’s awesome. So here’s the poem he originally sent me, and below it I’ll post a new one he wrote. 

I hope you guys like it. Please visit his attached link and show him some love.



Sometimes talking is so overrated
Meanings and words
can easily get crossed
I prefer you speak to me
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Mayberry Friends’ Poetry – Please Welcome Xtina Marie

Mayberry Friends Poetry

Xtina Marie has been dazzling me with some seriously kickass poetry lately. She writes everything from heartbreaking romance poems to sick and twisted vengeful ones. So I asked if she’d like to be the first poet we welcome here in Mayberry. This is something I’d like to do more often so please reach out to me if you have a poem you’d like me to share. Check out this sample she sent to us and follow her on Facebook at the link provided:


you- i own

i promise to be naughty, will you take me over your knee?
i’d like nothing more, than for you to spank me

i like it mean, call me a bitch
i’ll be here, to scratch your itch

tie me up, gag my lips
push me down, and grab my hips

from behind, take me fast
hard and heavy, make it last

slap my ass, make me yelp
there’s no safe word, that wil...

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