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Movie Review: Captain Fantastic

I haven’t really done any movie reviews on this site but since I’m such a movie buff, I think I’m going to start. Plus, I set up this Amazon associate thingamajig so I can actually make a small percentage if anyone happens to buy the movie from this link provided. I should have set this up a long time ago since I’m always talking about movies and TV shows anyway.

So I’m realizing I’m becoming more and more of a homebody as I get older. I love nothing more than to hang out with my wife and kids and watch movies on the weekends. You know I’m always talking about watching scary movies with my family. My daughters are the horror movie buffs and my sons are all about action. These boys sit and watch “Nerf War” YouTube videos for hours...

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Put Down the Noose – Dealing with Depression

Notes from C.C.

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted this. In fact, I shared this post probably a little over a year ago when I was going through a rough time. I think most creative people struggle a bit with depression. And before anyone starts trying to define the difference between being depressed and depression, trust me, I know the difference very well. I hear more and more about friends of mine struggling with this, so I thought I would take this old post I wrote for FB and put it here on my website. I’m not embarrassed to say I fight off depression quite often. This isn’t a cry for help. It’s me putting my thoughts to virtual paper, hoping maybe it’ll help someone else realize they are not alone. Most of us just don’t advertise our issues...

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My Penis Made Me Do It, an erotic comedy poem by C.C. Genovese

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Mayberry Friends’ Poetry – Please Welcome Adonvdo Aquadanvdo

Mayberry Friends Poetry

It was maybe six months ago (ages ago) when I first opened the website up and asked if anyone wanted to have their erotic or fantasy or horror kind of poetry shared. Adonvdo, a Facebook friend of mine, messaged me right away. The poem he sent was hot. For some reason, things got delayed. You know how it is. I just fell behind when it came to the website, but I never forgot that poem he sent me, so last week I messaged him and asked if he’d still like to do it. He was all for it. I’m telling you, this guy’s awesome. So here’s the poem he originally sent me, and below it I’ll post a new one he wrote. 

I hope you guys like it. Please visit his attached link and show him some love.



Sometimes talking is so overrated
Meanings and words
can easily get crossed
I prefer you speak to me
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New Neighbor Entry Interview with Me

Three surprised women holding a rotary telephone in a kitchen

My dream for this website (and my fanclub on FB … is to create a real neighborhood of sorts. A charming little town full of erotic secrets. Right now, in the fanclub, I have close to 500 neighbors. So better way to get to know people than to create a community interview form. So that’s what I did. I created a list of questions for us to answer. Now, they’re outlandish, a little wild, maybe too crazy and dirty for some people to feel comfortable with. So, for that reason, I think it’s fun to step into a character. Just cause you say it doesn’t mean that’s how you really are in real life. Everything about erotica is about stepping outside reality. Right? 

So I sent the questions to Jocqueline, my bestie, who runs the Brains, Beauty and Boo...

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My name is Chris…and I’m a sleeptyper.

Notes from C.C.

Typer, typist, whatever. You know what I mean. So I told you guys the other day that I finally had a writing cave and I was so excited about it. Well, last night I used it for the first time. I got a cup of coffee, sat down at the desk with my soft movie scores mix playing in the background, and I started writing the introduction for a horror anthology I’m helping my creative writing class put together.

It didn’t take long for the yawning to kick in. Maybe I should have been listening to something a little more upbeat or writing something I was a little more excited to write. I need to be working on Slippery when Wet: Maybe Mandy 3. Or one of the other twenty stories I’ve started.

But no.

I have to be a good teacher...

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I finally have a writing cave!

I’m so so so excited. I finally have a writing cave. It’s not much but it’s mine. I spent most of last night putting it together.

We have this small room at the back of the house that was kind of a storage room of sorts. Last night, I dragged everything out of there, painted the walls, put in a bookshelf, hung up some posters, displayed my book collection…oh, and I even put a few small toys on the bookshelf so my sons would feel good coming into the room. They know they can always play with the toys as long as they put them back after.

Now, I’m hoping to start recording some voice overs for part time work. I just need to figure out how to soundproof the room. I guess I’ll be writing about that at a future date. Meantime, here are a few pictures of my teeny tiny writing cave...

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Doin’ It Doggy Style (Mandy Diary Entry 7)


Dear Diary,

I think my pussy got attacked by a Rottweiler.

Not like I tried to burglarize a house and was halfway over the perimeter fence when someone yelled, “Sick her!”

No, it’s not that exciting. And it’s hard to climb fences in heels.  

His name was Sergio, a big, handsome, but slightly hairy Russian guy. I met him at a fast food drive-thru, when he paid for my food. First, he blocked my car in so he could deliver it himself.

Cute right?

Turned out that way. At first I was just pissed because I was hungry and I was really in the mood for some curly fries and some douchebag wouldn’t move his car. Boy did I feel bad after.

So we went out three times and he was a perfect gentleman. He brought me flowers to my door and dressed the part of a man trying to court a woman...

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Pussy Bumper (Mandy Diary Entry 6)


Dear Diary,

My pussy was nudged the other day.

Wait, let me explain. Not nudged as in, “Excuse me, Miss, I didn’t mean to bump into your pussy. I was just trying to reach the gum” at the supermarket.

Now that I think about it that would be pretty funny. I’d probably have to be doing a handstand for that to happen though, right?

So how did it get nudged? I’ll tell you all about it.

You remember my friend Jill? The indie porn start who likes to fuck for the camera with big muscular guys? Her. Well, she won a contest at a restaurant the other day. Apparently the burger joint had teamed up with a spa and the winner got free lunch plus a couple’s massage.

Wait, side note. You know me...

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Gettin’ Frisky in the Dark (Mandy Diary Entry 5)


Dear Diary,

I jacked off the wrong guy the other night.

Wait, don’t be so judgmental. It can totally happen. Let me explain how it went down.

First, I haven’t been fucked in a couple of months. If you’ve read any of my stories you know that that doesn’t sit well with me. This is going to sound really crude but you’re my diary so I can say whatever’s on my mind, right? I mean, it’s not like anyone’s gonna read it.

Well, my pussy is starting to become like the Venus flytrap in Little Shop of Horrors. After a couple of weeks (usually even sooner) it starts to cry, “Feed me Seymour!”



And I haven’t fed it in a while so it’s getting antsy. Hey I’m sorry but I’m a modern woman and I’m achin’ for some bacon.

The last douchebag I went out with didn’t exac...

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