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Things were slower, easier, and maybe even better

My kids wanted to hang out today and watch a movie. I’m all for it. I love being with my kids. They’re my best friends. Watching them scroll through Netflix movies for an hour is cringe worthy though. Then, after maybe thirty minutes of waiting for them to decide on something, one of my daughters needed to use the bathroom. As soon as she left the room, my other daughter immediately switched to YouTube and began watching music videos.

My sons quickly grew tired of waiting for them and picked up their Kindles where they proceeded to watch one of their favorite gamers battle dragons and quite realistic looking warriors in video games. Yes, they like to watch other people play video games! Things are so different from when I was a kid. That shit used to drive me crazy...

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A Kitty Lickin’ Holiday (Mandy Diary Entry 4)


Dear Diary,

I’m officially naming August 9th National (and International) Pussy Eating Day.

Sorry if you find me vulgar but if you’ve read any of my diary entries or any of my books then you already know that I’m a modern woman: a curvaceous, mind-speaking, sex-loving, independent woman.

So I’m going to say what needs to be said.

Blowjob holidays are all around us.

Get your mind out of the gutter (Image courtesy of stockimages at

Get your mind out of the gutter (Image courtesy of stockimages at

Valentine’s Day? We get something nice and then we suck his dick.

Birthdays? Come on, we have to go down on that special day of the year.

Halloween? Tell me you haven’t been the sexy nurse or the sexy maid or the sexy playboy bunny.

Every fucking costume in the store is designed to make us the do-gooder! Even a sexy witch is bou...

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