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One Night Stands…Doing It Like a Dude (Mandy Diary entry 2)


Dear Diary,

A homeless man flashed his balls at me today.

Strange, I know.

I wish I could say he was one of those street performers, juggling, showing me his multicolored juggling balls.

But, no, I’m talking ball sack.

Not these kind of balls.

Not these kind of balls.

Let me explain how it went down so I can get to a point that’s been kind of bugging me.

I was in my car, stuck at a red light, and this guy—we’ll call him Burt (don’t know why but he’s always looked like a Burt to me)—was in the street median. He wasn’t holding a sign. He wasn’t begging for money. He was just kind of hanging out.

I felt bad for him. I think he’s a war vet and those guys really deserve our respect and our help as much as possible.

So I dug in my purse, fished out a five-dollar bill, and honked my horn.

And he didn...

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